OMACHI Gourmet Street


Japanese food, Soba和食

Please relish our fresh seafood delivered directly from the fish market, while also enjoying our local specialties such as Iwana (river fish), Sansai (wild vegetables), and mushroom dishes.卸市場から直接仕入れの新鮮な魚介類や地元特産の岩魚・山菜・きのこ料理をご賞味あれ。

Our seafood is delivered directly from Ishikawa three times a week ensuring the utmost freshness. We have great confidence in our cooking. Please come and try it.

service in EnglishEnglish menu available
Walk from ShinanoOmachi Station3 min
Otoushi (cover charge)*No need
WiFiCardReservationServing alcoholsParkingFamilliesSmoking
×Noin Japanese only6 cars-smoking

* With the first drink,customers will usually be served a small appetizer called "Otoushi=cover charge"

Address3150-9, Omachi, Omachi-shi, Nagano, 398-0002, Japan
Operating hours17:00 - 21:30 (L.O21:00)