OMACHI Gourmet Street

Komatsu Udonこまつうどん店

Curry rice, Japanese food, Teishoku, Udonうどん、カレーライス、定食

A long-established local Udon restaurant serving subtly flavoured dishes using additive-free ingredients.メニュー素材はすべて無添加で優しい味わいの地元の老舗うどん店。

Our homemade dishes are prepared with a soup stock of Kombu kelp and seven varieties of seafood. We serve homemade Udon noodles, Omachi black-pork dishes, Kurobe Dam Curry, and Hasai rock. Not just our Udon, but all other dishes are tasty. We’re worth visiting, even from far away.

service in EnglishEnglish menu available
Walk from ShinanoOmachi Station5 min
Otoushi (cover charge)*none
WiFiCardReservationServing alcoholsParkingFamilliesSmoking
×Noin Japanese only5 carsWelcomesmoking

* With the first drink,customers will usually be served a small appetizer called "Otoushi=cover charge"

Address3306-14, Omachi, Omachi-shi, Nagano, 398-0002, Japan
Operating hours11:30 - 14:00(13:30LO), 17:00 - 21:00(20:30LO)