OMACHI Gourmet Street


Curry rice, Japanese food, Ramen, Soba, Sushi和洋バイキング

Omachi Onsenkyou’s only buffet-style dinner, featuring over 70 varieties of Japanese and western dishes.大町温泉郷唯一の夕食バイキングは和洋70種類以上!

All you can eat beefsteak, cooked at your table (using tallow-injected beef), freshly fried piping hot tempura, crab, sushi, and sashimi. We also offer local Nagano cuisine, nabe hotpot dishes, and skewers of salted river fish, grilled on our large traditional hearth, the Shinshu Irori.
Our Nagano B-class gourmet corner and salad corner offer Nagano-produced Koshihikari rice, miso, fruits, and vegetables. We try to use local produce where possible, including local beverages, to reduce transport mileage and minimize our environmental impact.We also offer a rich selection of desserts, including self-service soft-serve ice cream, cakes, and fruits, along with coffee, teas, and water sourced from beneath the Northern Japan Alps.

※Please make reservations in advance.
※Meal times may vary depending on the volume of customers.

service in EnglishEnglish speaking staff available, English menu available
Walk from ShinanoOmachi Stationtoo far to walk (15min. by taxi)
Otoushi (cover charge)*none
WiFiCardReservationServing alcoholsParkingFamilliesSmoking

* With the first drink,customers will usually be served a small appetizer called "Otoushi=cover charge"

Address2822, Taira, Omachi-shi, Nagano, 398-0001, Japan
Operating hours7:00 - 8:45(L.O 8:15),
18:00 - 20:30(L.O 19:30)