OMACHI Gourmet Street

Tawaraya Han-Ten俵屋飯店

Chinese food, Ramen, Gyoza中華、ラーメン、餃子

The homemade Gyoza dumplings at this butcher’s restaurant are, so to speak, Omachi’s “soul food”.肉屋も経営するお店が作る餃子は大町市のソウルフード。

Talking of Omachi’s “soul food” (local specialty), it has to be our Gyoza dumplings.
They are very popular among the locals, and many people come from far away to try them.
The reason that we can serve high quality, tasty meat, is that we are butcher’s restaurant.
If you visit in Omachi, please be sure to try us!

service in EnglishEnglish menu available
Walk from ShinanoOmachi Station5 min
Otoushi (cover charge)*No need
WiFiCardReservationServing alcoholsParkingFamilliesSmoking
×Noin Japanese only2 carsWelcomesmoking

* With the first drink,customers will usually be served a small appetizer called "Otoushi=cover charge"

Address3278, Omachi, Omachi-shi, Nagano, 398-0002, Japan
Operating hours11:30 - 14:00, 17:00 - 19:30